Keynsham Music Festival Association

Keynsham Music Festival Association (KMFA) is a registered charity and a registered limited not-for-profit company which exists to produce a community Festival of Music and related Arts each year in Keynsham town.

The Association grew from a Keynsham Town Council Music Festival committee in 1996, and The Festival remains fully supported by Keynsham Town Council which has 4 town councillors on the board of Festival Trustees.

Registered Charity Number:

Registered Company Number:

Registered Office:
15-17 Temple Street,
Keynsham, BS31 1HF

Proper facilities for medical support, accessibility and lost children etc are provided at all Festival events. For events in Keynsham Memorial Park the Association's Information Point, at a point facing the Top Stage provides direct access to all facilities and practices as outlined in the Association's policies.

KMFA public policies: Keynsham Music festival Association  protects the privacy and various rights of all involved in the Festival, and all who support and patronise Festival events through the following policies: