The Csides Project

The Csides Project

About The CSides Project

Each member of the band brings something to the mix. Between Sian and Alan the dual vocals have harmony,  depth, range and emotion, and all songs have a completeness which is largely down to well-written lyrics by Alan McCarthy. The guitar work is fluid, accurate and creative, capturing the mood of the lyrics by providing rhythm and melody in exactly the right places. The tight locked-in drumming drives the sound, adding definition to the arrangements and delighting the ear with in-song changes to time signature and feel. The bass guitar completes the rhythm section and compliments the music, providing contrapuntal melody lines within the arrangements while at the same time adding depth and girth to the overall sound. Keyboard parts and digital loops are used to provide colour and texture within the songs for extra impact. 

The CSides Project continue on their musical journey, their innovative form of progressive rock nods to the classic prog bands of the 1970s while at the same time finding new and surprising ways of using rhythm and melody to create a kaleidoscope of sound that is all their own. The band is made up of competent musicians that can tell wondrous stories in music and lyrics that transport the imagination to wherever they will take you. Their writing is fresh and imaginative with every new recording seeing the band’s style develop in new and ever-expanding forms.


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Sunday at 4.35pm


Crystal Clear Top Stage