Dirty Cash

Dirty Cash

Dirty Cash is a six-piece band from Bristol that fuses Swing, Hip-hop, Ska, and Dubstep into one tasty cocktail of genres that brings a high-energy performance with a fun festival theme. Influences include Dutty Moonshine, Cut Capers, Dubioza Kolectiv, Mista Trick & Caravan Palace. Off the back of their first summer of festivals and dazzling audiences everywhere they go, if you are looking for a party and fun this is the act

Off the back of their first summer of festivals playing the likes of Lakefest, Home Farm Fest, Dot to Dot festival, Bristol Harbour Fest, Nibley and more, Dirty Cash have released a new single Make Up Your Mind

Dirty Cash has played with acts such as Skankt, Fidget & the Twitchers, Dub Catalyst, Cable Street Collective, The Scribes, Imperial Leisure, Little Violet, and many more!


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Sunday at 5.50pm


Crystal Clear Top Stage