Ben Jordan

Ben Jordan

Ben Jordan can best be classified as a 21st century bard, or a modern troubadour. For years Ben has traveled, listening, learning & playing. His voyage has taken him to several musical hot beds (including New York City, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, Boulder, CO, London, Dublin & Prague) where he had the privilege of befriending some rising stars, and established vets, including Derek Trucks, Soulive, Adam MacDougall (The Black Crowes & Chris Robinson Brotherhood) The Slip, Warren Haynes, Kelly Joe Phelps, Adam Levy (Norah Jones), JJ Grey, Brad Rice (Ryan Adams, Son Volt & Keith Urban), Don DiLego, Johnny Pisano (Jesse Malin & Ryan Adams, Blondie) Gregory Alan Isakov, Eric Ness, Sam Green & the Midnight Heist, Willie and the Bandits and Rob Fleming of Crowd Company. Recently, Ben has been collaborating with his friends Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats as part of his upcoming EP series.

2010 saw the release of his critically acclaimed “Ghosts Breathing through Our Strings” and a year long tour of the U.S.. The end of this tour brought an exciting change as Ben journeyed across the Atlantic for the first time to tour. Little did he know his life would be changed forever by this decision. Arriving in his ancestral homeland of Ireland, Ben immediately fell into the Wicklow music scene. This lead to an invitation to play Americana Weekend two years running, where Ben has flourished, entertaining the capacity crowds with his original road songs.

At this point, the story veers into the realm of the improbable and seasoned by the highly unlikely, but nonetheless true!

Due to a series of mis-communications, Ben found himself stranded in the UK, with no gigs, no money and nowhere to live. This time period also saw the loss of his musical mentor and dear friend Travis Charbeneau. Retreating to Cornwall, he rebuilt his life, note-by-note, song-by-song, gig-by-gig. Currently settled in Bristol, Ben has been electrifying audiences throughout, Ireland, the UK and Europe with a newfound optimism, born from hardship and hard won wisdom. He has taken this new outlook from the streets of England’s West Country to the stages of the Isle of Wight Festival and Hop Farm festival and all manner of venues in between.

Some include a residency at London’s Proud Camden, tenure with the Lantern Society, Quay Arts Acoustic Originals, getting radio play on the BBC and being requested by the Alabama 3 themselves to provide support for them. In addition to a fiver year residency on the Isle of Wight festival’s most popular independent stage, Ben has played capacity and sold out shows throughout the UK in places as diverse as Cornwall, Hawick Scotland, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol and of course the Troubadour and world renowned Borderline in London.

In 2014 Ben signed with IRL Records, home to Damien Dempsey, the Wonder Stuff and many other great artists. His first release with them was 2015’s critically lauded Dream Invisble. As we speed through 2017 we find `Ben hard at work, experimenting with his process and instrumentation as he builds a three EP project called “Hymns Beneath the White Noise”, the third EP will be produced by Mark Morton, lead guitarist and songwriter for international metal powerhouse, Lamb of God. He has also written and produced a dance track with John Delafons, the drummer for the inimitable Alabama3.

Thankful for and humbled by the friends he’s made and the folks he’s met, he continues to bring his passion and songs to the people, building a loyal following, town-by-town, show-by-show. While he will always be learning, and honing his craft, on guitar, as a songwriter and as a vocalist. The time has come for Ben to step into a larger arena and share his considerable gifts.




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